This page lists the current and past NOC Journals that are available for downloading.


NOC Journal 16.1

Splitting the Cernua Atom By Mark Larocque 9-17.

Wildfire Effects on Populations of Cypripedium fasciculatum By James Belsher-Howe

A Cypripedium acaule (lady-slipper) Mystery—Resolved! By John Mattor, Ph.D.

Orchid Adventures in the Fakahatchee By Chuck Wilson


NOC Journal 16.2

The lengthy three-part article on Cypripediums included here was originally published in the 2018 Native Orchid Conference Journal, split into two parts: Volume 15(1), and Volume 15(2). A later article in this includes a listing of the books and articles Ron Coleman wrote for various orchid organizations over the years.


NOC Journal 17.1

This issue of the Journal contains papers grouped around the theme of the 2019 Symposium in the Bruce Peninsula. Inside you will first find three comprehensive articles by Paul Catling and Brenda Kostiuk on the orchids of the Bruce Peninsula, based on decades of visits and research in the area. Next is a series of three field trip 'reports' from the 2019 Symposium by Rick Burian, Cathy Bloome, and Tom Sampliner.

Journal-Cover 17.2.jpg

NOC Journal 17.2 Cover & Index

Our editor, Chelsea Kieffer, contributed two articles: first, an incredible story about 10 photographs by one of “our own” (Jim Fowler) being released as USA postage stamps. Chelsea’s second article provides a history and fascinating details of native orchids featured on USA postage stamps.

NOC JOURNAL V17.3-Cover.jpg

NOC Journal 17.3 Cover & Index

Volume 17.3 is all about images of orchids. Our Board Member Rick Burian has put together a masterful series of articles on Orchid Illustration focusing on the contrasting but complementary techniques of botanical artistry and orchid photography.

NOC JOURNAL V18.1-Cover.jpg

NOC Journal 18.1 Cover & Index

Volume 18.1 takes us to four very different locations. First, Tom Sampliner takes us to the north east USA and shows us two Spiranthes. Next, Paul Catling and Brenda Kostiuk take us to Newfoundland. Then, Stefan Ambs takes us to southwest Oregon for "A Meeting With Ladies..." Lastly, John Horner takes us to Wisconsin to see Green Corallorhiza Odontorhiza.