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The NOC forum uses Google Groups as a simple, convenient way to maintain contact with other members. It’s free, fast, safe, devoid of ads and limited to consenting participants. Use the forum to ask native orchid related questions, pose hypotheses, request help with research/conservation projects, volunteer, report interesting findings, ask about bloom times or areas to search for native orchids, etc.

Anyone is eligible to participate. (NOC membership is  preferred but not required.) Requests to join will be screened by an administrator who may grant access.


Simply complete and submit the application to the right to join! 


Key features of the NOC forum:

  • anyone "in the group" can send a message 

  • it's exactly like sending a typical email from your personal email account

  • no log-in or password needed

  • send message(s) to:

  • you may add attachments to your posts (i.e. photos, documents)

  • when someone posts a notice, everyone in the group receives it

  • there is a clearly explained opt-out option

  • treat incoming posts as you would any email (delete, save or file for future reference)


Group protocol:

  • postings are limited to native orchid related topics

  • commercial, religious, political or other unrelated topics are not permitted

  • never divulge specific locations of native orchids

  • refrain from “personal chit chat” (revert instead to your personal email)


Be sure to add the group email address to your contact list to prevent incoming messages from being spammed.

Request to Join NOC Internet Forum

Briefly describe your interest in and/or experience with native orchids:

Thanks for submitting!

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