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                                                       VIRTUAL LECTURE SERIES

Our popular series of online presentations brings a host of distinguished scientists, talented students and enthusiastic hobbyists to offices and living rooms around the world. Anyone interested can enjoy these presentations about various aspects of North American native orchids and orchid conservation in real time and/or view the recorded version at a later date. Members and guests are invited to log in on the 4th Tuesday of the month starting at 8:30 pm Eastern time (5:30 pm Pacific time). Each presentation will last 40-50 minutes followed by a brief Q & A period. A reminder notice with speaker bio and Zoom link will be distributed prior to each presentation. We look forward to having you join us for these engaging talks.


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February 27, 2024:                 Brandon Corder  (PhD candidate; University of Wisconsin)
                                               Mycoheterotrophic Orchids: A natural history of North America's most

                                               elusive, deceptive and antagonistic plants


September 24, 2024:              Tara Littlefield  (Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves)

                                                The Rare White Fringeless Orchid: Platanthera integrilabia and other

                                                Kentucky orchids

                                          PREVIOUS PRESENTATIONS MAY BE VIEWED BELOW



  Taming the Wild White Bog Orchid
D. Martin & L. Hanson 11/23/2021

 Rare Orchids of the Sky Islands
Ben Rostron 1/25/2022

  Orchids of Madagascar
Rick Burian 5/25/2021

Aggregated Pollen:  Why and Why Not 
Tatyana Livshultz 6/15/2021

  Where is Newfoundland and Why Would a Botanist Go There Anyway? 
Bob Sprague 9/28/2021

Protecting Cypripedium candidum and  Platanthera leucophaea in Illinois
Cathy Bloome 10/26/2021

Ongoing Monographic Studies in Spiranthes
Matthew Pace 10/25/2022

  Investigating Mycorrhizal Fungi as Drivers of the Host Tree Specificity in Dendrophylax lindenii
Lynnaun Johnson 9/27/2022

Orchids of Rhodes
Rick Burian 11/22/2022

Triphora: North America's
Most Enigmatic Orchid Genus

Brandon Corder 1/24/2023

Orchid Ecology and Conservation:
Update from the Sharma Lab

Jyotsna Sharma 2/28/2023

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